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Corner Block Houses by ABM Homes

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Corner blocks are lots with two fronts, as opposed to one.

The shape and orientation of a lot can dramatically alter home construction. From floor plans to the construction, a lot depends on this factor.

Along with sloping and narrow blocks, corner blocks come with their own particular advantages and challenges.

In this piece we will go through those factors, as well as how you can maximize your build’s aesthetic, commercial and investment appeal.

Pros of Corner Blocks

Pros of Corner Blocks

1.  More creative options

Due to the unusual orientation, your builder cannot use a conventional floor plan. This means you get to be more creative, and make the house design more flexible. You can put in more doors and even re-orient the parking garage on the side, giving you a more vibrant and space-y frontage.  

2. More space

Corner lots are generally larger than lots only facing one side of the street. This makes it very ideal for high rise builds, resulting in these plots being very investment friendly.

3. More Access

This has a practical as well as qualitative effect. You get more parking space, as you have access to two street corners and can even have two separate driveways.

 This works great for a visitor’s car parking (if you have a home office) or other family members (in case of multi-generational living) or if you have lots of cars.The two sides also mean more natural light enters the home. Large windows are even more practical for corner lots, which gives the impression that you’re living in a much bigger space.

Ideal for Home Office

4. Ideal for Home Office  

A lot of Australians, conduct their business from home, which can have an impact on your home life, as there is more noise in addition to various people coming and going.

Corner lots present a great alternative, as you can section off the two fronts (one for home office and your residence). You also have more street parking options, which is another great aspect.

5. Increased privacy:

Unlike a conventional home, you are only bordered by two houses, not three. You have only two neighbours and don’t even need to share a fence with anyone. This means more privacy, which is something a lot of homeowners prefer.


Cons of Corner Blocks

cons of Corner Blocks

1. Increased cost

The front facade for every house takes up more effort and money than the other sides, as it most exposed to the street view.  As your builder will have to consider multiple fronts for best look and design, you will need a unique floor plan. 

This means you will have to deal with a higher-than-usual bill, including extra costs like extra fencing.

 2. Building requirements

As you have more road space, your house design can act as a blind spot in case you want to elevate to multiple storeys.  Due to this, corner lots are generally governed differently by the local council. Make sure you check local building requirements before construction.

3. More Noise 

With increased exposure to the street views comes more car and foot traffic. One side can be more noisy, though, and this also depends on how much traffic there actually is.

In more rural locales like Bungendore and Whitlam, life is more silent, so this is not a very big issue. 

In more urban areas, this can be a big irritant and make life more inconvenient.

Security Concerns

4. Security Concerns:

Make sure you install a CCTV and a warning sign as homes on corner lots can be more susceptible to trespassing and break-ins.

Ideas for construction on Corner Lots 

Here are some cool ways homeowners maximize their build’s potential:

  • A corner garden adds more beauty and sustainability to every home. Remember though that this means more cost and effort. 
  • You can opt for a bigger patio or verandah, increasing your living space and making the home more guest friendly.
  • Since the fence is completely yours, you can beautify one side with custom wall art.
  • If your lot is located in a scenic location, a reverse living setup can be life changing, as you can have double the views of exciting stars, making it perfect for entertaining 

Building a Corner Block Home in Australia

Building a Corner Block Home in Australia

Due to the uniqueness of corner plots, it is important that you and your builder operate on a fully customized plan. The builder must be experienced in building on a corner lot.

Over the last 10 years, ABM homes has crafted a stellar reputation as a new home builder ACT and southern NSW

We build homes that reflect you and your family, and give you enhanced functionality.  

Contact  our team for a customized quote today, and lets get started! 

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