How to choose your home Facade? Ultimate Home Facade Guide

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In simple terms, the facade is any house’s front, street-facing portion. 

Every house has a facade, but not every facade stands out. 

In this article, we have shared our experience on what to look out for when building yours.


How to choose your facade?

There are so many options to choose from that it’s very easy to get confused. 

Your choice may well be set in stone for a couple of decades, making it a significant decision that deserves much attention and thought.

Here are the main factors that you should look out for when choosing a facade:

  1. Style of the house
  2. Individual elements of the front of the house: doors, windows.
  3. Lighting
  4. Materials: Mixed and single approach
  5. Sustainability 

We have addressed all the topics one after the other.

Style of the house

Elements that make a facade - abm homes

A facade displays multiple things about the people who live in it- their unique sense of style, and aspects of lifestyle, among other specifics.

Here are some of the most common designs and how they help mark your sense of design sense on the house.

  1. Coastal style: They are minimalist and classy, with fewer colors like grey and white. They are made with a mix of stone and brick blocks and cladding.
  2. Hamptons style: They are similar to coastal designs but have added colors, trims, and texture work. It is a look that screams relaxation and refreshment. They are paired best with gabled roofs. Tiled roofs are recommended. 
  3. Modern/Contemporary: Very efficient design architecture. Straight lines and symmetry. It uses wood or brickwork to show a dash of color.
  4. French Provincial: It is an opulent design that makes an instant statement. It exudes tons of class, from grand double doors to wrought iron features. It looks best with lighter shades.

Elements of the front of the house

Facede lighting - abm homes
  1. Windows: Choosing windows depends on what type of home design you’ve selected. In relaxed options like the Hampton or coastal style, unconventional shapes can add character to a plain face. If you have opted for a modern and sleek contemporary design, big, lightly tinted windows can appear welcoming while compromising privacy.
  2. Front door: The big decision here is how bold you want to go. If the door’s location is central, a defined shape and popping colours are the way to go. However, if the door is aligned to one side, you can choose a more curving option with softer shades to complement the other parts.
  3. Garage door: It is easy to overlook the garage door. But it’s crucial to nail down, as it can spoil the entire look if it doesn’t match the house’s exterior.


  • Lighting and feel: It can be cozy and shady or reflective and bright. It depends on your family’s choices. But also the circumstances, such as whether the house is built on a slope. 
  • Lighting options. You can use lights on the front for a cool summer evening look. You can choose to make the house look opulent and welcoming.
  • Colorful: Most people choose monochromatic tones, but you can choose a variety of hues to reflect your personality. You don’t have to go crazy; you can also choose pastel colors to make it look classy and quirky.
  • Color scheme: Everyone wants something different. Whether you want a dash of color or something to soothe the eyes, the color of the door, walls, roof and trim can be different. Combinations can mean other things, talk to your designer and communicate needs. Interiors should match the exteriors.

Materials: Mixed and single approach

Apart from the aesthetics, the facade is also the first line of defense against weather damage, which means your choice will impact the overall maintenance cost.

Designers have gotten creative by combining different materials to get the best effect.

Here are some of the most common material options that you can choose from:

  1. Cladding: This is the most practical option, as cladding material protects the house from the elements. Many styles and material options include timber, aluminium, fibre cement, plastic, and vinyl. 
  2. Brick: Brick has traditionally been used as a reliable and style flexible material to provide a home facade with a comforting homely feel.
  3. Tiles: Tiles are popular for roofing options, coming in metal and concrete. Colorbond tiles are popular metal options, although they don’t offer the best protection. Considering the harsh weather conditions prevalent in Australia, concrete tiles are a better long-term option, even though metal tiles are pretty strong, especially for hailstorms.


  • Colors: Facade materials can help with temperature management. Landscaping can cool it down; Lighter colors are also more eco-conscious, as they reflect most of the sunlight and heat.
  • Landscaping options can play a significant part in passive cooling. Big trees provide shade from the sun and protection from extreme weather conditions.

Financial aspects of choosing facade

The display is a core aspect of calculating your property’s real estate value

So, a new facade should be a top priority. 

Whether you’re investing in a new home or partially tearing down your current house to sell, the facade is a great place to start.

Some important things to remember for generating maximum value:

  • Stand out (but not too much): The property market in the ACT is on the upswing, which makes real estate a significant investment. In this case, if your house is dissimilar or jarring from the rest of the neighbourhood, its value may not appreciate as much. Suppose you are not planning to sell; great. If you are, do this.
  • Long-term value: If you choose something too niche or trendy, it may lose value over time. For reselling, it’s better to buy timeless designs, which do not necessarily mean old. A lot of contemporary styles can also have timeless elements.

Points to remember

  • Take your time: Several different styles of facades are available, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Make sure you discuss each detail with your home’s designer/architect. 
  • Parts of the house you want to highlight: Where you want visitors to focus is essential. Your choice will decide how much focus the other elements get too.
  • Focus on the big picture: With so many factors like the focus of attention, materials, look, landscaping, and color, it’s only human to lose focus. They all have to meld together in the same design, so the house has everything you need for a living experience, investment potential, etc.

Facades that stand out with ABM Homes

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We believe in helping you make an impression on everyone who visits your home. 

The facade is the first step towards that. As a part of our process, we ensure your ideas shine through. 

That is why thousands of families have trusted us to build their dream homes. 

All our homes are energy compliant. We also specialize in using steel frames to make solid homes that last. 

Contact our team today to start building your dream home!

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