guide to multi-generational homes

A guide to Multi-generational Homes

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Multi-generational homes have wide appeal for families across Australia. Kids live with their parents for a longer time, and Australians with foreign cultures have families where everyone stays in the same home.

What makes a Home Multi-generational?

What makes a Home Multi-generational

As a rule, toddlers don’t go up or down the stairs all day. Same with old-timers. As people in a family are at different stages of life, everyone’s needs are different.

Some easy-to-visualize examples include teenagers needing separate rooms, childproofing for small children, a reading room for grandparents etc.

When a home can cater to the daily needs of multiple generations under the same roof, it can be called multi-generational.

The best way to make a home multi-generational is to build it from scratch. However, if your current home only needs a few changes, you can do so with a partial lockdown and rebuild.

Benefits of Multi-Gen homes

Benefits of Multi-Gen homes
  1. Financial flexibility: Families that live together have more hands for chores, and babysitting, and also share common spaces like the kitchen. As you get to save more, you can get better amenities, as well as a bigger plot of land, all on a smaller budget.
  2. Stronger Family Ties: Increasingly, Australian homes are occupied by multiple generations, all living under the same roof. Family get-togethers become a daily thing, leading to more quality time together.

Biggest challenges of Multi-generational homes

Biggest challenges of Multi-generational homes
  1. Privacy: Everyone needs their privacy, especially growing teenagers and couples. This can be done with double storey construction and separation among other common areas, like placing the study far away from the kids’ game room.
  2. Dual Occupancy Homes: Decor and home accessories are deeply influenced by the people living in them. While grandparents might prefer classic beige tones for the furnishings, growing homes are more likely to have a bigger dash of colour. Dual occupancy is a popular solution, enabling distinctly separate areas, where everyone can have their own personalized space. 
  3. Additional units: If you have a growing family, it is very likely there will be more members, who will require more rooms, bathrooms, and activity space. This is generally overlooked but is important to ensure your home can accommodate expansion.

Popular ways of making your home Multi-Generational

Rec Room

Get a Toy Room/Infant Area

Kids just want to play. Things can get messy and loud. Safety is also a concern. Having a custom place, away from recreational areas for older members of the family, and close to the parents, so they can have cuddle time and chill.

This room can become a rec area as the kids get older and have heavier electronics, gaming consoles etc.

Separate Bedrooms

Separate bedrooms 

Couples who already have kids may want to create different sections of the house. The house can be segregated with matching amenities for both sets of kids. 

A spare room can also provide extra space, privacy and real estate for blanket forts.

granny flat

Integrated Granny Flat 

Even though true Granny flats(in the backyard) provide privacy, having the living area for seniors under the same roof really bring the whole family together.

As the main structure used is common for all the construction, you ned making a killer saving on the extra units foundation and structure cost.

More families have both parents working, and babysitting cost can run very high. Having grandparents look after the kids does just save money, your kids stay connected with the family, developing more intimate relationships.

Multi-generational Homes in Canberra and NSW

Multi-generational Homes in Canberra and NSW

As every family is different, every home becomes suitable for multi-generational living in different ways. The right builder can help guide you in this process and set up you and your family for decades.

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