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Steel frames are one of the best options for making a modern house.

This article will go through all aspects of what makes steel frame houses ideal and how you can get one.

Origin of use of steel frame in construction

It’s an old concept, like train stations and factories, the established standard for industrial construction.

As technology has improved, we can do things with steel frames, like making prefabricated steel frames and trusses.


How are steel frame homes built?

how are steel frames built ABM Homes
  • After considering the design, prefabricated steel frames are assembled in our facilities.
  • They are then transported straight on-site, set, and fixed in place with bolts by our expert installers and licensed carpenters.
  • Different types of connections are used to secure the steel frame in place.
  • After fitting and fixing with bolts, steel frames provide a framework of strength and stability that is ideal for construction.
  • Holes for plumbing and electrical fittings are pre-punched, which makes installing those services even faster.

Why Choose a Steel Frame House?

Why choose a steel frame house abm homes
  • Steel, unlike timber, is much more recyclable with less waste, as you can use almost the entire frame.
  • You can afford to go crazy with creativity as steel frames can be molded to infinite shapes, and you are less restricted than timber.
  • Steel frame homes are generally cooler in summers and hotter in winters as they are very energy efficient and airtight. You get to save on your electricity bills.
  • Ideal for the rough Australian weather(especially areas prone to bushfire) and adds durability.
  • Much stronger than traditional options like timber. As they are bolted down, there is no risk of structural movement or rupture.
  • Steel frame homes come with warranties and have better insurance options.
  • Termite proof: You save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the house: making maintenance cheap by saving on chemicals and fees and labor charges for extermination.
  • No shrinking or warping: Dues to its solid nature, steel will make your house architecturally more sound. In addition, all the details of the house are sharp as the frame has precise, fixed dimensions.
  • Affordable yet also provides limitless options, which is excellent if you have a big budget.
  • Safety from bush fires: With weather patterns in Australia unpredictable and many fires in recent years, steel frames will ensure less damage occurs to the structure in case of fire damage.
  • Water resistant: wood can become soggy and weak due to water exposure. No such problem with steel. So when it rains, you can relax and enjoy a nice cuppa.

Steel vs. Timber Frames

AMB homes Steel frame vs timber frame

Steel and timber are the two most common materials used to build house frames.

Timber is the traditional way, relatively cheap and natural. Steel is more robust, although a pricier option.

Both have several ways in which they are similar as well as different:

  • Stability: Steel is more stable as it is stronger and more inelastic.
  • Weight: Steel frames are less bulky, even though they provide more strength.
  • Wear and tear: Timber is susceptible to termites, while steel is prone to rust, especially if the house is near the sea.
  • Fire resistance: Steel frames have much higher resistance to heat than timber, although different kinds of wood have different burning temperatures.
  • Resistance to the wind:  Steel is much more resistant to wind pressure, as it has a better strength-to-weight ratio than timber.
  • Price: Also, we offer competitive and affordable prices for steel structure. However, with the current timber shortage in parts of Australia, steel might be more readily available.

FAQs about steel frame houses

FAQs Steel frame abm homes

We have experience in talking to customers about their concerns. So we made a list to clear some myths and doubts about steel frame houses.

 Q 1. Do steel frame homes make more noise?

Ans: No, since we use high-quality construction standard steel. It is as quiet as anything else.


Q 2. Do steel frame home attract lightning?

Ans: This is an old urban myth. 

In reality, since the whole frame is steel made, such homes are excellent lightning rods, which send current straight to the earth.

You and your family are safe and sound.


Q 3. Do steel frame houses have high maintenance costs?

Ans: Since steel does not degrade or warp like wood, there is less need for maintenance due to flexing or warping.


The strength of such a frame also affects the other parts of the construction as the finishing has straighter lines that stay true with time.


There are no issues with the misalignment of the doors, windows, and floors.


These issues are common with timber. Hence, you won’t need to get work done every couple of years.


Q 4. Will the house’s steel frame affect electronics in the home or Wifi signals?

Ans: This is another urban myth that is still popular. In reality, the electrical signals work just as efficiently.


Imagine a modern skyscraper. It has so much steel, and there is no problem with using your phone or laptop.

It’s much the same as a house built with steel at its core.



Build a Steel Frame Homes with ABM Homes

Build with ABM Homes

At ABM Homes, we have expertise with all kinds of materials, especially steel.

Our engineers and designers are experienced in using steel frames for the main home structure and the outhouse or other extension buildings.


To find out how you can get a solid steel frame house of your own, reach out to our team today.

Plan Your Future with ABM Homes Today!

ABM Homes is one of the most innovative and experienced home builders in the ACT region, sculpting your dreams to reality.

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