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First developed in the early industrial age in England, the townhouse is a concept that has persevered and is constantly being reinvented.

Townhouses occupy a greater proportion than ever of Australian homes.

The recent growth in homeowners looking for side income has added to this growth, as has the growth in multi-generational families living under the same roof.


What exactly are townhouses?

What exactly are townhouses

Meant for urban areas, Townhouses feature a common wall between several adjacent rows of houses.

The maintenance of the fencing and several other amenities are managed by a local Homeowners Association (or HOA for short).

The rules that are governed depend largely on local council and HOA rules, in addition to federal regulations.

These homes can have both a front and backyard, but often do not feature side fences. That is usually managed by the HOA.

They can be both separately classified as separate units as well as part of a condominium apartment.

Pros of Townhouses

Pros of Townhouses
  • They can be a great choice for a single family buying their first home or downsizing
  • With most amenities shared in common, you save a lot of money on direct maintenance and landscaping costs. In fact, nicer Townhouses will have fancy stuff like a common swimming pool, park, playground, and even barbecue pits!
  • It is less expensive than a regular home on a lot, but with almost the same internal built up space.
  • As a direct factor, cheaper homes mean cheaper insurance premiums. 
  • It is great for maximizing space, especially if you want to divide a big lot into multiple portions. This means higher return on investment.
  • You still get safety and privacy for your vehicles as most options include a personal parking garage. 
  • Townhouses are a more sustainable housing option as a lot more people can live on a plot of land
  • You get the double benefit of community living and increased security.
  • It’s great for people working in the city as they are built near better-connected urban locations.

Possible Challenges of Townhouses

Possible Challenges of Townhouses

These are all subjective, as every individual prefers something different:.

  • Your local HOA will have rules you have to abide by, like the same paint as for all the homes, a particular type of windows and other such restrictions. 
  • You will have to pay maintenance charges every month associated with the town house organization, regardless of how much of it was utilized by you.
  • It can get noisy as all the houses are all close to each other.
  • Town houses mostly have stairs for the second floor, which might not be ideal for older people.

Town houses from Experts in ACT and NSW

Town houses from Experts in ACT and NSW
Apart from being fantastically flexible and affordable, they are subject to a lot more paperwork For example, you will have to pay body corporate charges even though it is classified as a semi-detached residence.ABM Homes can help you both source the land and build it. We keep you safe, with 90 days maintainence and 7 Years Structural Warranty as part of the ABM promise.We are one of the best builders in the ACT and NSW, and we would love to help you!Contact our team today to get started!

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