Solar Energy Rebates and Government Incentives in ACT

Solar Energy Rebates and Government Incentives in ACT

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Potential for solar energy in Canberra

Canberra has access to a lot of sunlight, throughout the region. That makes it an excellent location for those considering installing solar panels.

There has never been a better time to have a more sustainable home in Australia

Sustainability initiatives in ACT

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The local ACT government is committed to going 100 percent renewable by 2045. 

That ambitious target will require real change. To accelerate towards that future, the federal and local ACT governments have a raft of energy schemes, all designed to make going solar a financially lucrative option for homeowners and business owners.

We have covered the following government schemes (federal and state) that incentivize solar energy adoption:

As these programs have multiple conditions and rules regarding who can get them, and how, we’ve compiled an explainer for prospective or current homebuyers in the ACT region.

Sustainable Household Scheme

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The goals of this program were as follows:

  • Extend ACT’s national leadership position in renewables.
  • Help the advancement of the energy storage industry in the ACT region-provide training and conducting research.
  • Stimulate the rollout of allotted solar energy storage in the ACT.


Financials for Sustainable Household Scheme

This scheme is scheduled to run till 2026. The loan is completely interest fee, and there are no processing fees either.

The limit for the loan starts from 2000 AUD, all the way up to AUD 15000, at which it becomes a commercial loan. This means the first 15000 AUD is completely interest-free, and you only have to pay interest after that.

Brighter has partnered with the ACT Government for financing. For loans that are under/over the limit, Brighter will handle everything.


What is covered under Sustainable Household Scheme?

This loan includes multiple sustainable energy systems, not limited to just solar energy.

Multiple spends can be accommodated within the ambit of this program. You can buy from the following options:

  • Solar panels
  • Hot water heat pumps
  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Battery storage
  • The property must be within the ACT region.
  • Property’s Unimproved Value (UV) needs to be within/below $750,000 for houses and $200,000 for units.
  • Attend a free one-hour workshop (live).
  • Get approved for financing by Brighter.


NextGen Energy Storage Program

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Solar energy has many benefits. During the day, all the required power is generated to run throughout the day. 

The battery stores extra energy, that can be used when sunlight is not available such as at night, on overcast days, or at times of high demand in the local energy market, helping you save more, while being more sustainable.

In case of power outages, you are already secure with your energy needs, as solar does not depend on the local electricity grid. 

It makes the grid less congested, easier to repair, and less prone to failure. Not only get you more savings, but also make the grid more resilient. 

To incentivize battery storage system, the government has introduced this scheme.


Financials for NextGen Energy Storage Program

Started in 2016 with $25 million to finance battery installation across the ACT, it included small businesses as well as around 5000 residences. 

For low-income households, the incentives can go up to 50 percent (maximum $2500) of the total cost.

The scheme includes training programs, and research grants in addition to the rebate.

For each of the 5000 installations, the rebate amount was fixed at $825 per kW, for up to 30 kW.

For the average Canberra household with a 5kW capacity, the average rebate in total comes to around $4000. 

The Solar Rebate Canberra program can help you claim deductions on battery fittings for businesses as well as homes.

For maximum savings, this scheme can also be combined with the Sustainable Household Scheme.


What is covered under NextGen Energy Storage Program?

To get the rebate, you first have to get a Small-Scale Technology Certificate

With an STC, you get a roughly 30 percent discount on purchasing solar battery equipment

Its value drops every year on the 1st of January, which means you should apply for one as soon as possible.


Conditions for NextGen Energy Storage Program

The following parameters have been set by the Canberra chapter of the program:

  1. It has to be a new connection and is not an existing part of the scheme.
  2. The house must be connected to the local electricity grid, and not be standalone.
  3. Solar panels have to be coupled with the battery system.
  4. You must have an inverter already installed, or purchase one before applying.


Home Energy Support Program

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Designed specifically for Veteran cardholders and Pensioners, this program can help you receive a $2,500 solar rebate. 


How can I get access to Home Energy Support Program?

There are two ways to get this scheme: simply as a rebate or rebate with an interest-free loan. You can review the latest rules and conditions of this program on the government website.


Special Mention: Feed-In Tariff in ACT region

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With solar, you can not just save, but also get a return on your investment. 

Apart from all of these rebate schemes, you can earn through producing and supplying electricity to the grid.

ACT has a voluntary feed-in system where you can talk to an energy retailer and get paid to supply electricity to the grid. 

In the ACT, this market is unregulated, which means the price per unit of electricity depends on the electricity retailers. You can shop around with different retailers to negotiate the best rate.


Contact ABM Homes with the Sustainable Household Scheme

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ABM Homes has years of installing sustainable measures on all our homes. Recently, we participated in a big pro-green project, the Whitlam Display Village in Canberra

We developed 8-star EER compliant energy systems, a big part of which was solar. We understand solar, and we would love to help make your home more sustainable.

Reach out to us to find how much you can save using these energy schemes, or other ways team ABM can help make your home more sustainable.


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