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An introduction to Taylor Suburb

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Taylor Suburb is a recent addition to the ACT. It was planned and initiated by The Suburban Land Agency (SLA) in 2017. 

Situated to Canberra’s extreme north, it is on the border between New South Wales and Canberra.

Its population and popularity have grown each year since. At ABM Homes, we have helped several families build their dream homes with our House and land Packages in Taylor.

Since we have been intimately involved with the project, we created this guide to help prospective homebuyers along their journey.

We have included an overview of the project as well as other key facts, including a snapshot of life at Taylor.

Location of Taylor Suburb

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Taylor is located in the northern part of Gunghalin district of Canberra. It is fairly close to other suburbs like Moncrieff, Casey, Jacka, and Ngunnawal.  

It is 4 km away from Gunghalin Town center, Just 16 kilometers away from Canberra’s center.The easiest way to reach is via Google Maps. Just click on the link, and you’ll be there in no time.

Where does Taylor suburb get its name from?

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This suburb is named after Florence Mary Taylor, a doyen of the Australian building industry. She broke through many glass ceilings in the male-dominated construction industry, becoming the first-ever qualified female architect in Australia in 1909. 

She was a very popular editor and writer at many publications, most notably who was editor of and writer for several Australian building industry journals, including the influential Building magazine. 

Florence was a trailblazer in the town planning field, which is why naming this suburb Taylor is a fitting addition to her legacy.

Life at Taylor - something for everyone

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Taylor is an amazing place to live.  Here are some of the biggest reasons that you should consider moving here:

  • Surrounded by nature : Taylor has beautiful mountain views. Treks and nature walks are 15 minutes away from most places. There are also multiple green spaces, gardens, parks and trees within the built-up area.
  • Suitable for all stages of life : At Taylor, the SLA has kept provisions for houses as well as townhouses.  The area already has a thriving community, filled with families, young people, as well as pensioners living the easy life.
  • Schools and playgrounds : Margaret Hendry School caters to the education of schoolchildren in Taylor and the four suburbs close to it. In the future, there is also a plan for a high school.
  • Shopping Centre : The master plan includes the plan for a full-scale shopping Center, although the area already has several options for shopping, like Casey Market Town.

Display home by ABM at Taylor Suburb

Beautiful house having greenery in their surrounding at ABM homes

Display Homes are the best ways to figure out what you want in your ideal home. They also  function as reference points for the kind of home you might live in.

In this particular case, future residents can also get a taste of life in Taylor. 

Our Display Home in Taylor, The Ribbon is currently under construction and set to finish by April. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and be the first to know when it’s complete.

Along with construction, we also have House and Land Packages in Taylor as well as in the ACT and NSW

Contact our team today, and find out more about how to live your best life in Canberra.

Plan Your Future with ABM Homes Today!

ABM Homes is one of the most innovative and experienced home builders in the ACT region, sculpting your dreams to reality.

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