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Solar Panels for homes in ACT: An overview

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Solar panels are fast becoming the preferred energy source for homes all over Australia.  As more families move towards relying less on the grid, it is becoming an option that is preferred by most families. 

In this article, we have specifically focused on how you can make your home more sustainable by getting solar panels installed easily and at a discount.

Potential of solar energy in the ACT region

Lot of house having solar panel fix on their roof

Solar energy has massive potential in the ACT as the region receives plenty of sunlight. 

Local incentives as well as Federal grants also make getting solar for your home even easier and financially promising.

The Sustainable Household Scheme, the Next-Gen Energy Program as well as the Home Energy Support Programme are all available for Canberra and ACT.

These schemes allow households to save upwards of, 40000 every year.  We have covered this in more detail in our article on solar rebate schemes in the ACT.


Types of solar energy systems in Australia

lots of solar panel and house having solar panel on their roof showing types of systems

For residential homes, there are 2 options on how you can use solar energy at home.

  1. Off-Grid systems: Mostly found in rural areas, as the name suggests, these systems are not connected to the grid in any way. This mostly happens because the local grid is too far away, as the cost of bringing the solar lines may be very high.  In some cases, it can go upwards of, 30000 to connect to the closest grid. In a self-sustainable scenario such as this, it is obviously better to opt for a solar energy system that costs around 25000, while ensuring future electricity will be free as long as the system is in working condition.
  2. Hybrid systems: This is the most common combination through auto Australia. As most people live in and around cities, most homes have easy access to the grid. In these systems, solar energy powers your house during the day, with any additional energy needed from the grid.

 If your energy system has a large battery and is in production,  you should have all the energy you need for the nighttime as well.  In case that does not happen for some reason,  the grid can supply you with regular electricity, making sure your lifestyle is not inconvenienced.

Thus, the choice of what system you should choose depends mostly on your location. As hybrid systems are most common,  that is what we have assumed as the default for this article.


Cost of home solar energy systems

Man sit on the top of roof to fix solar panel

The cost of solar for the home depends on your location and the size of the system (number of panels and batteries).

Most families will require an energy system that produces up to 5 kWh of electricity per day.  That is sufficient for most home energy needs like heating or cooling systems, electrical appliances, and more. 

In the ACT region, the energy systems will set you back by around $5000 with the cost reducing per unit if you choose a higher output option. 

Make sure you avoid too-good-to-be-true deals and ensure you are getting more than 10 years of warranty when you buy from a trusted provider who has served in the area for multiple years.


Benefits of solar panels for your home

Generator having wind turbines at backside

1. Bigger savings in the long-term:

When most people start the process of building a new home, solar panels can often get overlooked due to the initial high setup cost. 

However, energy costs in Australia have resonated at a very high rate over these last few years. In light of that,  solar energy becomes very cost-efficient, as it can pay for itself within 8 years. After that initial period, the savings become even more attractive. 

As most families probably plan to stay in their house for years or at least a decade, the cost-benefit ratio definitely seems to be in solar as actually being the cheaper energy option.

2. Cheaper per unit than Grid electricity:

In most places in Australia, the cost of 1 kWh fluctuates between 15 and 30 cents, which is at least three times higher than the five cents it costs with most solar energy systems. This means a savings of up to 70% savings on your electricity bills.

3. Earn more with Feed Tariff:

Most families do not consume the full amount of electricity produced by a solar energy system during the day. 

The excess energy generated during the day is stored in the battery system. This excess energy is saved for nighttime usage and can be sold back to the grid.

Most states, including the ACT, have private energy providers that will actually pay you for the electricity. In this way, you can feed the grid and make a passive income.

4. Reducing pressure on the local electricity grid:

As your solar panels will create their own energy, there will be less need of taking electricity from the grid. This ensures your local grid is under less pressure, which makes meeting  your community’s energy needs during bush fires, storms, and other disasters way easier.  

5. Maximizing roof space:

Solar panels are usually installed on the roof as it is the most convenient location in the home for receiving sunlight.

Solar panels have no effect on the look of your interior of the House, while still making sure that your home is energy abundant. 

This is why when installing solar panels, it is really important to make sure that you and your provider discuss the best location for the way to install the panels, as the slope of your roof will decide how much sunlight you actually eventually end up receiving.

6. Increased reliability:

In the past, solar panel systems used to have a lot of issues, as they were not able to work as efficiently with dust or other particulate matter on them.

Technology has grown a lot during the past several years. Today’s modern high-performance solar panels require very little to no maintenance as they work efficiently despite dirt build-up. 

7. Increase the value of your home:

A solar power plant will future-proof and increase the value of your house, as buyers find a power-efficient home that generates clean energy more attractive.

The value of your home can appreciate by as much as 25000 AUD, as you mean you have a standard 5 kWh solar panel installation on your roof.

As energy costs keep rising throughout the world as well as in Australia, the value of your home will also appreciate, making it a foolproof investment whether you are buying a new home or making a real-estate investment

The fact that solar panels today are stylish, sleek-looking, and designed to complement the aesthetics of your home is just the icing on the cake.

8. Reduce your environmental impact:

When you make the switch to solar energy, you reduce your contribution to greenhouse gases, which helps in reducing the impact of global warming. In addition to that, adopting other green practices will lower your carbon footprint significantly.


So, should I get solar panels for my home?

Should i get solar panels for homes ABM Homes ACT

You not only want to make sure that your electrical needs are met, but also that the size of the inspiration achieves the positive cost-benefit ratio.

Location, Number of solar panels, and local sunlight exposure levels are all key factors that need to be considered during the installation of the solar panels. The choice of electrical appliances like LED lights or heating systems that you choose is also a key factor. 

An experienced builder would be familiar with the financials and the physical installation of a solar energy system. 

As your system is going to be installed for decades to come, it is important that we get the basics right to ensure maximum output. 

That is where ABM homes and our energy partner, Malwa Solar, come into the picture.


We and our Energy partners

aerial view of surroundings at whitlam village

ABM Homes and Malwa Solar have installed solar energy systems, both in new homes and existing structures.

Our recent project in the Whitlam Display Village achieved an energy efficient rating (EER) of 7. We also installed several other energy-saving and sustainable features.

If you too are thinking of making the switch to solar, you can contact our team and a team of our experts will help guide you to switch to green today!


Plan Your Future with ABM Homes Today!

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