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What is a Display Home? – ABM Homes

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When planning the purchase of a new home, a lot of Australians find themselves visiting different Display Homes. 

Display Homes present a very simple procedure for families to get started on their home buying journey.

In this article, we’ve gone through what Display Homes are, why they look so good, and why you should visit one soon! 

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What exactly are Display Homes?

Display Homes are basically demos of the kind of house you can get from the builder. They are also called show homes.

It is one of the best ways to shop for a house, whether you are buying it to live in or looking at it as an investment.

How does it work?

  1. The builder will first acquire land, make detailed designs, finish, and apply the finishing touches.
  2. After that, the Display is made open to the public. Potential homebuyers can then visit, feel the vibe and see if it’s something that appeals to them.
  3. If it’s a match, you can then discuss actually hiring the builder. Typically, the house you get is an alteration of the original Display, as you can also include your preferences.

You can get the construction done on land you own, or choose a House and Land package from the builder.

Reasons to visit a Display Home

aerial view of surroundings at whitlam village
  • By visiting a Display Home, you don’t have to start your journey from absolute zero. You also get to check and judge the developers’ techniques and expertise.
  • It works great for both parties, as time and money that would have been spent in planning the project from scratch is saved
  • As Display Homes are original ideas thought up from scratch by the architectural team, you also get something that is truly made of genuine inspiration, effort, and attention.
  • Display Homes allow the builder to show off the different building techniques they are capable of.
  • Even though every structure and feature on display may not be included in the final product you end up getting, you still get an insight onto both the concept and the execution ability of the builder.
  • Full furnishings like furniture, wall art, and the like are always included. That makes visiting a show home a truly immersive experience.

Things to do when visiting a Display Home

people visiting the display house at ABM Homes

Here is a short checklist, so you know what to look for:

  • Explore: Walk around, sit, and even skip about to see if living in a similar space would match your and your family’s lifestyle. 
  • Ask questions: Whenever someone visits any of our Display Homes, we have staff on-site to show you around. Talking to an expert will help you get more clarity.
  • Flow and layout: All home layouts are unique and built with a living flow in mind. Visiting the actual location will allow you to test your assumptions in a tactile and tangible manner.

Arise: ABM’s latest Display Home

The arise display home with green surroundings at whitlam village

As an accredited builder with the Suburban Land Agency, we’ve had the pleasure of building and showcasing our latest labour of love.

Located in scenic Whitlam Display Village, the Arise is built for families, and can accommodate a variety of block sizes.

We have several options including both single and double storey, with enough space for a growing family or if you’re looking for a great investment option.

Get in touch with one of our experts today, so we can help you with a modern, sustainable and future-proof home.

For more information, you can call us(insert button) or email us. We’ll be with you ASAP!

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