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Skillion roofs are more popular than ever in Australia.  This is because their functionality and edgy design attract so many suburban homeowners. 

This blog discusses this rising design phenomenon and if you should get one.


What is a Skillion Roof?

Complete guide skillon roof ABM Homes

Skillion roofs are also called shed roofs or mono-pitched roofs. They differ from a standard roof: an average roof has two or more sloping sides. 

These sides meet at an angle in the middle of the roof. Therefore, they peak at the center point of the roof/building.

On the other hand, a skillion roof has just one significant slope instead of two. As a result, it is generally steeper than a regular roof.

In relative terms, a skillion roof is a mix between a flat and a gable roof. They combine a flat roof’s minimalism with a gabled roof’s pitch.

What are skillion roofs made of?

Since they were traditionally made for extension buildings and tool sheds, skillion roofs are made to be more waterproof.

Keeping this in mind, they are made of streamlined roofing materials, with rubber skin and metal finishingThere is the option of making use of tiles instead of metal

This reduces the waterproofing cost.

Skillion Roofs can be installed for a new build as well as a reconstruction project. Check out our Homebuyers Guide to Knockdown and Rebuild.

Types of Skillion roofs

Types of Skillon roof ABM Homes

Butterfly skillion roof

These roofs get their name from their shape, which appears to have two wings, looking remarkably like a butterfly’s wings.

Two roof sections are pointed towards the center, helping collect rainwater making them very suitable for rainwater harvesting.

If positioned correctly, they offer a great surface area, making the design of your building even more environmentally friendly.

Oval-shaped or Gambrel Skillion roof

Taking its name from its curved surface, they have a look that is more organic than industrial. Oval-shaped roofs give greater indoor area and are more resistant to wind, which can be an issue for skillion roofs.

However, they are more expensive, so they are not often preferred for homes.

Split skillion roof

It combines traditional gabled roofing and skillion roofing for the same home. One section is generally kept higher than the other

In terms of steepness, this type of roof can slope in opposite and similar directions.

Multiple skillion sections

This is the most cost-effective option for building a mono-pitched roof. Instead of one single skillion roof, there are several smaller skillion roofs

In addition, it is easier to make each individual section can be built and maintained one at a time.

Reasons to install a skillion roof

The following reasons are why you should choose a skillion roof:

  • Minimal maintenance compared to more expensive roof types like hip roofs.
  • Cheap to install, as well as fast.
  • No drainage issues as drainage is quick.
  • Easy to put solar panels on a skillion roofs.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, minimalist. 
  • Eye-catching due to angular effect
  • They are very convenient to install skylights, which save energy and look terrific.
  • You have the option to get privacy from one side of the house, using clerestory windows.
  • Longer lifespan and more weather resistant.
  • Better insulation if built with suitable materials.
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When is the skillion roof not the answer?

  • It’s not very ideal if you want more space in your house. That is because you can’t have attic space like a standard gabled roof. 
  • So even though you can get a high ceiling on one side, there is less space on the other.
  • More damage from winds: If fast winds or hurricanes come, there can be significant damage to this type of roof. 
  • Ensure this kind of roof is well-made with the best materials and techniques. If you live in a high-wind area, it may not be the best option.
  • A skillion roof can result in a low ceiling height if made too steep.

Get your skillion roof with ABM Homes

At ABM Homes, we specialize in building energy-efficient homes. That is why we offer the skillion roof as a part of our custom home building solutions.

Our engineers have years of experience designing and constructing skillion roofs for the main home structure and extension buildings.

Contact our team today to get started.

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