Curved Roof Guide

Curved Roof Guide

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Curved roofs are a treat reserved for a true aesthete. They truly make a home stand out among the surroundings.  Also called radius roofs, they are rare in most Australian neighbourhoods, as they require more cost, planning and execution.  

In this piece, we will covering this remarkable roof build, how it works and if you should get one too.

How do curved roofs work?

How do curved roofs work

Curved roofs come in many different design and shape patterns, like Bullniose, Old Gothic and cranked ridge. 

It doesn’t end there. You can have arches, S-shapes as well as free-form curves. This means this type of roof is as unique and contemporary as it is rare.

They used to be built with tiles and shingles , but in modern design are instead made with metal roofing. The curves are made with special metal rolling equipment like metal curving rollers.

Curved Roofs can be installed for a new build as well as a reconstruction project. Check out our Homebuyers Guide to Knockdown and Rebuild.

When are Curved Roofs the preferred option?

When are Curved Roofs the preferred option

Here are the top reasons for installing a curved roof:

1. An architectural Statement:

Curved roofs a truly luxury choice. They make an instant as well as lasting impression. .

2. Full creative control:

 As mentioned above, the sky is the limit when it comes to curve customization. 

3. Wind resistance and water management:

The shape and the orientation of the roof can be tailor-made as per local weather conditions, makling them great for coastal areas.

4. Vaulted ceiling interior:

Due to their uniques shapes, curved roofs create spaces that allow for amazing curved ceilings. 

When are Curved Roofs not the best option?

When are Curved Roofs not the best option

Curved roofs are not everyone’s cup of tea, and here are a few key reasons.

1. Drainage issues:

Curved roofs are not as accessible as steep roofs in allowing water runoff , If not properly setup. At the time of building, make sure you consult with your builder, about the feasibility of the particular curve pattern you are choosing. 

2. High maintenance:

This kind of roof allows limited access tio the roof due to its irregular shape. This means maintenance of the roof, as well as installing or repair work. 

Curved Roof homes in Canberra and Southern NSW

Curved Roof homes in Canberra and Southern NSW

This luxury roof type requires deep expertise and execution experience to construct. That means you will need to have extensive discussions about weather conditions, aesthetic, and overall house design.

ABM Homes team has designed and executed several such projects all across ACT and NSW.

Talk to our team today to discuss perfect roofing options for you and your family.   

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